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From the moment of diagnosis onward, it becomes especially important to remember how to weather a storm. Here are some things you can try when feeling overwhelmed, fearful, and in need of immediate relief.

Image by Markus Spiske
5 Senses


This exercise will help calm you and bring your focus into the present moment. 


🍃 Sit (or stand) comfortably

🍃 Allow your focus to soften

🍃 As you look around, notice and name  5 things that you see

🍃 Next, listen and name 5 things that you hear

🍃 Now, notice and name 5 things that you can smell

🍃 Next, notice and name 5 things that you can taste 

🍃 And finally, notice and name 5 things that you can feel with your skin

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann


Write it Down



Writing can be an effective way to release emotion. 


🖊 If you haven’t already, now is a great time to start a journal. Electronic is fine, on your smartphone is even better so that you can make a note wherever you happen to be. 

🖊 As you write, let the page hold not only your words, but also your worries. It’s all there, recorded so that you don’t have to keep it in your head and your heart.

🖊 As you continue writing this journal, your subconscious will start to appear, deepening your connection to your inner wisdom.

🖊  If the thought of starting a journal right now sounds like too much,  then write whatever is on your mind onto any sheet of paper you happen to have. Let the paper hold some of the worry, the frustration, the fear, the sadness, the overwhelm....for whatever amount of time you choose. This can be especially helpful in the middle of the night when you may feel alone and unable to sleep.




This 15-minute guided meditation will help you feel connected to others, even in moments when you are alone. In time, this practice can also help lower anxiety and depression and increase feelings of joy, gratitude, contentment, hope, and love.

Loving-Kindness MeditationArtist Name
00:00 / 13:40

Both Pdf and Audio courtesy of Greater Good in Action

Pink Flower Petals


Image by Greg Rosenke



Time spent in nature makes us feel better because it connects us to our spirituality, putting us in touch with a life force that is greater than oneself.


Try going outdoors and using your body to physically connect with part of the earth. 

🌿 Watch a sunrise or sunset. Or clouds or stars. Or anything else that captures your attention.

🌿 Run you fingers over the bark of a tree or the velvet softness of moss or flower petals. Remove your shoes and wiggle your toes in the grass.

🌿 Listen to the birds chirping or the stream flowing.

🌿 Inhale the fragrance of pine needles or taste the brine of the ocean.

🌿 When we do these types of things we tap into universal life force, called anima mundi, that energizes and heals as it connects all living things.



It helps to interact with others who have traveled similar terrain. To hear their stories and to know that we are not alone. Camaraderie, support, advice, connection – these all begin with reaching out. 


👥The US-based nonprofit,  hosts a moderated discussion forum that encompasses all topics related to breast cancer. 

👥 Metavivor’s peer-to-peer support groups are offered across the US and are dedicated specifically to persons experiencing metastatic disease. 

👥 Life coaching is my favorite way to support others experiencing a breast cancer diagnosis. If you would like to talk about what personalized coaching could look like for you, please book a 30 minute consultation. 

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