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Find Your Flow

When  you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.

                                                                                                                                - Rumi

Flow is a mental, emotional, and physiological experience of our own creation. It is a state of fluidity between body, mind, and soul. 


And yet, despite how incredible flow feels, it almost always begins with a challenge.  With circumstances that invite us to stretch our ability - and our agility - if we want to rise, grow, and thrive. 

Keep scrolling for personalized programs to help cultivate that stretch.

Because no matter which challenges you face, the best possible outcomes occur when you navigate in flow.

Where Are You?
Where Would You Like More Flow?
Life Challenges - Agility
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Life Challenges 

The Agility Program


Personalized coaching for when you don't know
where the TF you are or which way to go

Biomedical/ Academic

The Clarity Program

Biomedical Academic


Coaching & consulting for biomedical grant-writers

Agency & Action - Momentum
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Agency & Action

The Momentum Program


Coaching for women who are ready to activate their agency. With an exponent.

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The Align Program


Explore the Akashic Records to discover how to align your Divine gifts of free will, personal power, & creative agency 

Metaphysical Exploration - Align
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"Ann is my reason for being. No really, her Akashic Records reading distilled my purpose in life into its purest form and has helped me act accordingly. That knowledge is worth absolute gold and is everlasting. I'm not sure exactly how the Akashic Records work, but I do know with complete certainty that Ann is nothing short of a brilliant and masterful doula of the soul. A genius vessel helping clients use their gifts in the most fulfilling way, complete with humor, wit, relatable badass personal stories, and a southern drawl, y'all."

Carmella Fleury - Master Certified Wayfinder Coach I Co-Founder, @wearemotherwild I Yin Yoga Teacher I Village Crazy Mama

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