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Your healing, not cancer.

Your medical team is best at taking care of cancer.

Who is best at taking care of      


My -

As a breast cancer survivor, breast cancer researcher, and women’s health advocate, I have explored, experienced, and experimented with this disease from many angles. And what each one has shown me is this: the absolute best person for taking charge of your healing is you. Your medical team will be focused on treating your cancer, but your healing will come from you. Your healing will begin when you start digging beneath the surface, when you start going within. When you can stand in clarity of mind and self.  When you can  feel your emotions without judgment or censure. When you hold autonomy, bodily and otherwise.  When you can maneuver within your reality instead of fight it. When you feel love and connection, including a higher power. And when you feel at peace with the existential stuff like life's meaning and purpose.


No matter where you are relative to a breast cancer diagnosis,  I am here to help you hold your ground as you ask your questions and find your answers. As you discover what you know to be true. As you decide what you want and chart your forward course. While your medical team is treating your cancer, let’s partner together to support, nurture, and heal the rest of you. I can’t promise your cancer will go away, but I can promise that no matter where you are, you can learn to find your way. 

Ann Ramsdell, Ph.D. 



I cannot make your cancer go away, but I can help you find your way. 

- Ann Ramsdell

Coaching Practice Intro


Let's be honest. A breast cancer diagnosis feels like a veritable shitstorm. First comes a flash flood of emotional overwhelm. Next, the logistics. Medical, vocational, relational, financial, etc., etc. Decisions that feel weighty and numerous and urgent. Because sometimes they are.

As you begin to navigate your cancer experience in this upside-down world that has become your new normal,  you will see that your medical providers are focused primarily on taking care of your cancer. And by primarily, I mean exclusively and as they should be


And so, as you assemble a team of medical experts who are getting busy with your cancer, now is a good time to ask:  What's going on with the rest of you? How are you getting your support? What do you need and who is taking care of YOU? 




With coaching:

You get a safe, supportive space in which to experience and process your feelings. All of them.


You get to be at choice. You may not yet realize it, but YOU are the best person for making decisions that affect you. All of them.


You get to teach others - including loved ones, friends, co-workers, even your medical team - how to show up for you.


You get to navigate toward your best possible outcome. On your own terms. No explanation needed.

You get to trust yourself.  You get to become more deeply attuned to your innate (some might say divinely downloaded) wisdom. And learn to use it for guidance and healing.

The bottom line is this:

My coaching practice exists so that you don’t have to go through any of this alone.


As your coach I will be right by your side, for every step, pause, sprint, and stumble. I will be your #1 fan, your fiercest advocate, your fearless guide and your favorite teacher when you need additional skills to help you swim through the mud, or scale the mountain, or blaze a new trail in the wilderness, or whatever your favorite metaphor is for moving forward when you don’t know where the hell you are or which way to go.

I'm here for you.


Are you ready?


Here’s how to get started, right now, no matter where you're at:

Ann has an uncanny ability to sense what you need and give exactly that to you: holding space when you need a moment, helping you gain clarity when your thoughts are all muddled, making tough decisions. She has helped me to navigate complex or emotionally-laden  personal and professional situations countless times.


I love how Ann merges her researcher identity, sharp logic, and insights of high-pressure professional environments (she used to lead a cancer research lab as a professor at a medical school) with her playful, deeply curious, spiritual nature. This along with her thorough training makes her a badass life coach who deeply cares about the people she works with.


Most importantly, Ann walks her talk – literally with respect to cancer. I witnessed first-hand how Ann navigated a devastating diagnosis. She pulled strength from a deep inner knowing of her authentic self and her values to advocate for what she needed from the medical community and social circles. She aligned her physical environment with her healing journey moving across the country two times, first to be in a place that nurtured her healing, then to a place that supported her reinventing her professional identity, despite the doubts and fears that inevitably bubble up when one makes decisions with large personal and financial impact. There is no better person to support you on your path to your truth and healing.

Dr. Stefanie Robel - Associate Professor of Neuroscience, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Founder & Coach at Stefanie Robel Team Leadership in Research 

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