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Jammed, PERPLEXED, trapped, Clogged, BLOCKED, stalled, Stifled.

Not Sure What Comes Next?

Let's Explore.

It's coaching (but better) for people who are stuck.



Life’s biggest questions deserve equally big answers - answers that

can’t be found on the couch of a therapist’s office or between

the covers of any book…

“Ann has opened my eyes to completely new perspectives on my life and myself.  She is what I would describe as

“the perfect coach”.  She has incomparable passion and proficiency. TALK TO HER. You will not regret it.”

- Past client currently living a wildly improbable life

WARNING: Side effects may include the following...

a better job, empowerment, healthier relationships, a new career, 

stronger boundaries, a deeper sense of self, happiness,

a functional mindset, more money, confidence, clarity, and courage, 

higher productivity, balance, truth, and alignment

Whatever your desired destination, it all comes down to feeling empowered to live a deliberate life that brings you legitimate joy and self-realization.

Tired of feeling stuck?

Life Is But An Endless Series Of Experiments

                                                                                                                                                   -Mahatma Gandhi

I’m Ann and I help people rock the hell out of that big, scary thing called change. If your life feels stuck, stymied, or stifled, let’s remedy that with data-driven coaching that’s grounded in the principles of scientific method.


Served up with a powerfully effective side of intuitive woo, this is an inspired method you won’t find anywhere else.


I’m equal parts logician/scientist (yes, I’m an actual scientist) and intuitive/healer (unabashedly woo-woo) and I work with people who are experiencing or contemplating transition or change.


Whatever your quandary, conundrum, or concern may be... I can help.

Our work starts with asking the right questions and then exploring the answers via the scientific method, aka, real-life experimentation and data analysis.


No petri dishes, beakers, or noxious chemicals are used but metaphysical woo-woo stuff may or may not be involved (it totally is).


When we explore the dynamics of your inner workings I tap into a very “out there” methodology called the Akashic Records. This helps us understand why you’re stuck.


Next, we dig into dysfunction, bust up old patterns, and address mindset blocks so you can finally experience the massive expansion and total freedom you didn’t know you were missing.


And why the woo?


Because what better way to approach big, nebulous questions that have slippery answers?


I believe that a real scientist is always open minded and prepared to be surprised. In our work together… let’s just say that sometimes the best answers springboard beyond logic and defy our rational minds. I can’t fully explain it, but I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it, and I know it works.

Some call it “becoming spiritually aligned with your inner purpose” but that’s not my style - I simply help you get where you’re supposed to go.

 Ann Ramsdell, Ph.D.

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