The Wildly Improbable Life

The Scientist...


Why’d I become a scientist? The reasons aren’t totally clear to me - perhaps my young feminist rebel self simply wanted to bust into a career largely dominated by males, or maybe my boy-crazy self just wanted to be around those sciency males…


Either way, I ended up getting my Ph.D. in cell and developmental biology and honestly, I think it was more about curiosity, awe, wonder… wanting to understand how things work, and how our origins influence us.


Life moved right along - there I was, scientist-ing my heart out, making a name for myself, and then...  it happened.


I was diagnosed with cancer.


The Transition...


2009 marked the beginning of a long and arduous,

big-ass life transition. A transition in my health, my

relationships, and, though I didn’t know it yet, my career.


Can you relate? There you are, living your life, minding

your own beeswax, dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s

like a good human does, when BAM! Something happens

that transitions your life from where it was to someplace

altogether different.


I literally had no idea how to acclimate to my new



And whether your “something” is a monumental something, like cancer or death or divorce, or a something more subtle and slow that’s suddenly bubbled to the surface, there we all are, wondering how the hell we became so damn unhappy or sick or confused about life.


We all get stuck sometimes.


Stuck in a place of indecision, wheel-spinning, emotional turmoil... or some other general form of pithy grossness that us humans are so vulnerable to.


I spent a fair amount of time wallowing in my stuckness - I genuinely thought I was going to die and how the fuck does a human deal with that kind of knowledge?


The Getting Unstuck…


So there I was, lost in the dark depths of my mind, when I made a choice.


“Fuck it”, I thought.


If I was going to die anyway, I was gonna live what remained of my life on my own damn terms. Up went my middle finger and off I went to do the shit I wanted to do, the way I wanted to do it.


And guess what began to emerge?


The Wildly Improbable...


My career-related successes were off the charts, and I felt at one with the Universe, like Yoda or some other-worldly creature that was in perfect harmony will everything around it.


But as it goes with us hoomans, the utter freedom my mind had grown used to enjoying started to slowly slip away…


Even though I had kicked cancer in the balls, I eventually stumbled miserably back into the murky parameters of the human condition and found myself playing by a set of rules that was stifling and small.


The Experiment...


I was a scientist, dammit. How could I not see what was happening?


I had to stop looking at life in terms of successes or failures - it was time to embrace the scientist’s mindset and approach life as a continual string of experiments that yield not good, not bad… just data. Lots and lots of data.


And so, after sitting in a perpetual state of stuckness for a couple of years, I signed up for a mastermind course designed to help scientists master their mindset so they could be more successful in their careers.


It was in this “experiment” that I realized I was not fulfilled in my career. Once I analyzed the data, I realized that my true calling would involve stepping off the beaten path and into a part of me I’d kept secret for much of my life.


The Woo-Woo...


It’s not that I’m ashamed of my metaphysical, aka woo-woo,

tendencies, but when people find out that I have abilities and

knowledge that extend beyond the norm, it colors the way they

see me.


Much of the time it doesn't lend to bolstering my credibility in

their eyes, but casts suspicion and doubt on my intelligence and

my grasp on reality.


So… I hid it for most of my life. I’m a fucking Ph.D. scientist - my

grasp on reality is quite intact, thank you very much. I didn’t want

to defend myself or explain something that most people won’t

believe anyway.


But... as the experiment ran, the data clearly showed that it was

time to out my closeted woo-woo self, marry it to my scientist self,

and use this powerful blend of logic and intuition to help my fellow

humans get the fuck unstuck.


The Coaching...


I began my work as a coach in the very same mastermind program that served as a catalyst for my own career change. Shortly thereafter, I completed the Martha Beck Life Coach training program, started my own private practice, and you know what?




And I really hate that word, aligned, but dammit… I was aligned AF, and so returned the wildly improbable and the wonderfully amazing, and there I wasright where I was supposed to be.


I got to feel the beautiful interconnectedness with those around me, I was living in the awe and wonder and curiosity that attracted me to science in the first place, and best of all, I was sharing my true gift with others and making a living doing it.


The Next Step...


What does my wildly improbable life have to do with you?




If you’re a human, it has everything to do with you because you’re vulnerable to the same limiting mindfucks as I am.


And on the flip side of that, you also possess the ability to live an empowered life, free from the limitations of a caged mind that would keep you in a tiny, cramped box that smells like dirty feet.


So if you’re stuck in the muck and need a nudge, a boost, or full-blown life support, let’s hop on a call and find out how I can help you get some of that wildly improbable of your own.


Are you ready to get the fuck unstuck?

Ann Ramsdell, Life Coach
Ann Ramsdell, Life Coach