The Biggest Experiment of All?


As we go through life and try new things, attachment to certain predicted outcomes is a very normal thing - it’s the mental mechanism through which we make money, form relationships, and create new experiences.


But what happens when the outcome doesn’t go as expected? If our minds are fixated on one certain result, we lose the ability to pivot or adapt, aka transition to the next thing, and we get STUCK.


Being stuck sucks, right? Our work together will not only unstick your stuck, but it’ll also get you to where you’re supposed to be (sound mysterious? that’s ‘cause it totally IS… until… it isn’t! you’ll see).


My coaching starts with an intuitive analysis and then follows a framework based upon the scientific method - think of our work together as testing or experimenting with ideas to learn about your life; what works, what doesn’t.

Looking for clarity on WHAT you want and HOW to get it?


As a certified Martha Beck Wayfinder life coach, I use a collection of proven tools to help you to know yourself in ways that are guaranteed to delight, amaze, and guide you forward by harnessing your own unique flair of full-fledged badassery. 

Any problem or challenge, no matter how big or small, is fair game. We'll dive deep, tapping into your essential self, and identifying and busting through limiting beliefs (aka fears) that are holding you back and keeping you playing small.  


1 hour session - $200

4 session bundle - $700

Ann is…
“Inspiring, hilarious, caring.”
“Engaged, effective, and energized.”
“Welcoming , relaxed, AND ridiculously smart.”

                         -Love from past clients


Feeling super stuck and need some help moving onward and upward? Let's add some woo to the mix as we rev up the process. 


Start with a Functional Analysis (i.e., Akashic Record reading) and boost the momentum with 8 coaching sessions and assignments, aka experiments, to explore your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.


PART I: Functional Analysis

A 2-hour call to discuss your Akashic Record


➔      Identify conscious and unconscious patterns that guide your decisions, impulses, and                           compulsions.    

➔      Find out who you are at the most fundamental level - your authentic self.

➔      Understand your life-purpose.

➔      Learn about your main energy systems.

➔      Discover your “divine gifts”, inherent strengths, and innate qualities.

➔      Learn about your karmic patterns and how they influence your daily life.


PART II: Mindset Work & Pattern Busting

What’s holding you back? It’s time to upgrade your mindset so you can see that yes, there absolutely is a different way to approach your life. This is the internal work where we use coaching sessions to examine the inner workings of your mind because, after all, your thoughts and beliefs (even the ones you aren’t aware of) are the filter through which you make all of your choices and experience life. Let’s explore, dig, and delve into your mindset to see what shifts can be made to get that wildly improbable life you so deserve.


PART III: Running The Experiments

This is where the rubber meets the road and the external, tangible changes take place. Now that we know what’s holding you back, let’s use coaching sessions to prep you to run your experiments. Take your new mindset out for a test drive with increasingly bigger action steps designed to get you out of your rut and into action. You’re trying new things, collecting the data, and analyzing what works and what doesn’t. It’s about finding the thread and continuing to tug until we’ve unraveled the constraints that have kept you stuck and playing small.


When we’re done, you’ll have a clean filter, fresh perspective, and the ability to dig out of ruts as they appear in your path.

Functional analysis & 8 coaching sessions - $2150

"Ann is so smart, open to all questions, and talks through all subjects (even the potentially awkward ones) without missing a beat. I learned a lot and left each session feeling more empowered!"

- Love from a past client

"Ann helped me get unstuck in a major way last year, that changed my life and got me moving again in my career. I went from stuck in my head in analysis-paralysis, to getting present, getting clear on the things I really want and taking action to go after them". 

- Love from another past client


This is the same package as The Rescue Remedy, but more in-depth for those who want a full-blown, completely comprehensive, and totally massive overhaul in their life. Bring EVERYTHING to the table and by the end of our time together you’ll have turned over every stone, taken out all the metaphorical trash, and cleaned house from top to bottom.


Wildly improbable? Bring it on.

Functional analysis & 24 coaching sessions - $4950

"I went to Ann to address some major issues in my life. Ann holds the space open to
face the hard issues in a safe and productive environment. She does not let me off
easy, so it’s uncomfortable, but it should be. I’m recognizing and breaking unhealthy patterns and am experiencing freedom because of it.

I’ve put up some strong resistance and Ann stuck with me and the results, for me, are life-changing and transformative. I know the work is, and the results are, fully mine, but transformation rarely happens in a vacuum and I am grateful that Ann was by my side to help me push through my own thoughts and behaviors".

 – A client out there crushing it in her new, wildly improbable life

"Ann's coaching style is a combination of badass go-getter, super-chill emotional supporter, passionate healer, and hardcore accountability-checker: I myself have experienced her “dude, you just pegged my bullshit meter” more than once. On top of that, her own journey – and its rapid pace – are a source of personal inspiration, and not just for me. She truly walks the walk, in addition to talking the talk.


My coaching experience with Ann has been mostly in the realm of relationship analysis, and I have to say it’s been remarkable how accurate and useful her Akashic information has been: it’s clarified distinct goals and facilitated much more productive communication between myself and both my spouse and older son. As expected, this has benefited my marriage and parenting, but as coaching goes it tends to extend out to other relationships as well.


Last thing is that even Ann gets stuck. When she does, she seeks help and assistance. To me, that reflects a key quality of a highly effective coach: the recognition that coaching promotes personal growth in others as much as it does in them. You want that in a coach - maybe even more than any other quality - and Ann’s definitely got it". 


– Yet another client out there reveling in his new, wildly improbable life